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Para quem quer levar o youtube a sério, recomendo a leitura deste livro que está organizado de forma simples. Assim vai ter uma boa base de conhecimento de técnicas de criação de vídeos para a sua estratégia de Vídeo Marketing.


The First 15 Seconds

How-To Steps
1. Understand the engagement & viewing trends of your
Use tools available in Analytics to better understand how your videos
are performing in terms of engagement and audience retention. Short
attention spans or ‘drop-offs’ in attention or retention at the beginning of
the video reflect a need to optimize the first 15 seconds of the

2. Determine the right ‘hook’ or opening for your content
and audience
All content is different so determine the best use for the beginning of
your videos. Depending on your category, content, and current
engagement trends, your approach to the beginning of your videos will

3. Experiment with variations
Try different approaches and see what works best to keep people
watching your video and decrease early abandonment.

4. Place compelling content first
Whatever approach you take, the first 15 seconds of your video needs
to be compelling, engrossing, or entertaining enough to get your viewers to commit to continue watching the rest of the video.

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Redes Sociais para Empreendedores
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