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Free Ebook: 6 Ways to Generate Leads with Google+

If you are facing challenges with attracting new leads on Google+, don't worry. You are on your way to master this new social network for lead generation.

Gain a clear understanding of what Google+ lead generation means, how to track it, and what an optimized Google+ business page looks like. The ebook features insights and best practices from Google+'s team itself, so you are about to get access to top-notch information.

The ebook also explores individual Google+ features and how they can help you drive new leads for your business. In specific, we explore how you can generate leads through:

  1. Content updates
  2. Images & video
  3. Google Circles
  4. AdWords campaigns with social extensions
  5. Embedding the +1 button
  6. Google+ events & Hangouts
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