Despite being only 7 years old, became the 3rd most visited website in the world. Each passing minute are sent over 60 hours of videos and are viewed 4 billion videos daily, with 600 million views via smartphone.
I remember when youtubewas launched I found the concept an utopia: a website based on sharing of the users' videos - and who will take the trouble of sharing videos? What was only for some, few years ago, now is solved with one finger and anywhere. A great idea before its time is a lie. Like the first social network in the late '90s, when photos had to be sent by post to be scanned because the digital images were still a dream - no wonder that even after the bubble, the SixDegrees has been purchased and went bankrupt shortly after.
The video sharing site appeared at a time when the bandwidth start to increase, not only a good video camera became acceptable, as it start to be in everyone's pocket or incorporated in many other devices. Time has shown that after all had everything to work out and Google signed off.
A good presence on facebook is not enough, it’s necessary to blend with other communication channels online and offline. To be on Youtube it’s mandatory!
Let's present here some practical tips, to save you time, on how to improve your presence, thus increasing visits to your website and possibly better results in your Marketing Strategy. Warning, do not expect fast results, but instead a lot of work, that being developed in consistent way it can reap, sooner or later!
To customize the youtube channel, is the first step

Online video editor

Create and edit videos
“But I don’t know how to create and edit a video…” that’s the thought that may be still in your neurons social network. Use MS Power Point 2010 to convert a presentation of yours into video HD720. For this you just need to convert from 4:3 into 16:9 format before creating the presentation. Make something simple, sober and creative. Convert it into video and be amazed with the results. If you want to create slideshows, add images, other videos, background music, narrations, titles, subtitles and other critical features, use the new Windows Movie Maker 2011, a really fine and free version to whom have no time to lose. It may seem amateurs’ tips, and indeed they are, but with your good taste you’ll get unthinkable results in very short time. If you want to create true videos, you may use Avid Studio or, at Hollywood style, Adobe Premiere and After Effects. If you have a poor quality video, the solution is: do not publish it on youtube!
Publish only good videos, both in its content as in visualization. At least in HD720, a bitrate of 6Mbits and excellent sound.
The video
If you decide to add subtitles to the video, that’s a good choice. It’s just need to upload the corresponding text file in the source language, giving the possibility to have automatic translation for infinite other languages, thereby enlarging the sea of opportunities that enables you to cross the world.
“Notes” can also be used inside videos allowing, among others, to create links between videos and, more important, a direct link to your channel subscription. Remind that obtaining other subscriptions allow you a faster grow, since they will be notified when you upload a new video, increasing the chance of an exponential growth.
Always answer to all video’s comments. It’s the only way to get a community truly connected and alert, attracting more web attention and significance.
Google Insights is a highly advisable tool, useful to know the seasonal demand of a product, name definition to domains and companies, publicity, article creation and, in this case, to name videos based on the most searched words.
If you want to go further, search for videos related with your area of interest or professional, sort by most video viewed criteria, and click in the one related to some that you had already published. Use the “reply with video” feature, choose a really relevant video for that, so it may be approved, and get extra visualizations through a large audience already achieved.
As golden rule, besides assigning a good name to the video, tags and description, add the direct link in the description for more information about the video, only being clickable if you put http:// before the web address. It’s a small tip but unknown for most users and companies.
If possible create an article at the site, embed the video and write a few but important lines. Then, place that article URL into the video description, ensuring thus, at Google spiders’ eyes, that the video is yours and that the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will bring you more visits. You may also create a video that helps to illustrate the site’s content, like the video attached to this article.
There are pluggings to Wordpress and extensions to Joomla, very interesting, if you want to use one of these CMS.
Some ideas on what you may publish

Embed into facebook

The new statistics are very powerful. In Google Analytics style, discover valuable data through the indicators that give you information to adapt your Video Marketing strategy.
Start now editing video with the help of this first steps manual: the Youtube Playbook
Did you know that’s already possible to insert ads into videos for free? It’s a feature, not a bug!

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